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Thanks for an incredible night at scrubs 2023! We can't wait to see you next year in Mexico City

Scrubs Mykonos blew us away.

Mykonos is an island like no other, and this year's event was equally incomparable. Over 1600 guests dazzled us more than the Aegean on a sunny day with $1.4 million raised to support a neurosurgery navigation system for SickKids.

Thank you to all of our guests, donors, committee members, sponsors and volunteers. It was a party to remember, buzzing with the energy of an iconic Mykonos dance floor. Missing it already? Click below to relive the night.

Party Pics
 An Image of a band, dressed in white playing for a large crowd of Scrubs 2023 party attendees The band has 4 singers, someone on saxophone and someone playing the keyboard.

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22 years of support. $9.8 million raised so far.

Scrubs in the City funds the most critical needs at SickKids. This year's fundraising will go toward a new neurosurgery navigation system. This innovative system uses 3D technology to help surgeons quickly visualize the brain and spine, enabling them to perform the most delicate of surgeries even when there isn't the luxury of time.


Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Molly Fitzpatrick
  • Lucinda Kogan

Volunteer Committee:

  • Julie Crossland
  • Romelia Dilawri
  • Laryssa McCluer
  • Vivian Greenberg
  • Sylvia Mantella
  • Holly Miklas
  • Lily Li
  • Suzanne Rogers
  • Candice Sinclair

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